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är Nanofilters are made from the newest nanomaterial on the market. They are incredibly slim for more comfortable breathability.

  • är Nanofilters are three-layer laminates - 2 layers of nonwoven materials, 1 layer of submicron fibers (nanofiber)
  • Tested by Nelson Labs (Microbiology Testing Lab)
  • Average thickness of nanofibers: 100nm - 500nm, 1 000 times thinner than human hair

Although the filter lifetime depends on many factors, from the number of encounters with other people to the humidity around you, we recommend replacing the filter after 40 hours of active use or after two weeks from the time it was inserted into the mask.

Disclaimer: While wearing any mask will help reduce the spread of germs, we cannot guarantee that you will not get infected. Due to the current situation concerning COVID-19, we highly recommend being cautious.

The size of the är Nanofilter needs to be the same size as your är Facemask. You can find the size of your är Facemask inside of the mask under ViralOff®️ logo.

är Nanofilters are specifically manufactured for use in the är Facemask, and therefore, är Nanofilters, are only compatible with är Facemask.

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The package contains:

  • 3 är Nanofilter,
  • User guide.
Combining design with  cutting-edge technology
Combining design with  cutting-edge technology

Combining design with
cutting-edge technology

Our unique är is made by combining modern design with the latest technology. The masks are not only a protection but also a stylish accessory designed to accompany you during your everyday activities.

är combines the best technologies

  • 1

    ViralOff®A self-cleaning technology that lets you live your life stress free: no worries, less washing.

    The latest treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene®. Applied to textiles, including facemasks, ViralOff® has been certified by ISO 18184:2019 and ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) tests. ViralOff is a biocide: Silver chloride.

  • 2

    Eco Acqua Zero A cutting-edge fabric that lets you enjoy your daily life comfortably.

    The Eco Acqua Zero treatment of fabric makes the surface of the mask water repellent, causing water to flow off the material and not be absorbed (Note: this does not mean it works in heavy rain). It also helps remove water from inside the mask, transporting it to the surface where it evaporates. This fabric treatment replaces older methods that were not as environmentally friendly and could be harmful to the wearer’s health. Eco Acqua Zero is completely safe and provides the first line of defense for aerosols released during coughing, sneezing, and regular verbal communication.

  • 3

    Exhalation Valve Lets you breathe out much more easily.

    Our är Facemask is one of the few products of its kind equipped with an exhalation valve in front of the filter. This means that you can relax and feel protected while knowing you are also significantly reducing the chances of infecting those around you because all the air you are breathing out passes through the nanofilter.

  • 4

    Nose-fitting PieceSitting comfortably with no leaks.

    The top part of every är Nanofilter is equipped with an aluminum strip that lets you adjust the shape of the mask so that it sits on your nose perfectly. The foam along the edge of the nose piece makes it truly comfortable to wear while also preventing any leaks.

  • 5

    NanofiltersBreathe cleaner air and nothing but the air.

    Each är Nanofilter contains three layers of nanotechnology, which has been tested by Nelson Labs. The nanofibers within the filter, whose average thickness ranges between 100 nm - 500 nm, are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair! While these fibers act as a filter, the porous weave means easy, comfortable breathing. These filters are replaceable, giving you the freedom of everyday use.

  • 6

    Adjusting the Mask We are all different but the är Facemask adapts to your unique needs.

    To ensure the highest level of comfort, är Facemask is fitted with a small buckle on each strap. This allows you to adjust the length of the straps for a snug fit over your ears, to make sure the mask covers your mouth and nose properly and fits your head perfectly.

Breathe cleaner air and
nothing but the air.

är Facemask uses är Nanofilters with state-of-the-art technology, which has been tested by Nelson Labs. The mask is made from Eco Acqua Zero™ water repellent fabric and then treated with ViralOff®, a self-cleaning technology.

Breathe cleaner air and nothing but the air.
Breathe cleaner air and nothing but the air.
Breathe cleaner air and nothing but the air.